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Oceanfront Property in Bellingham, Washington

Beachfront Property

Get closer to nature once you purchase a beachfront property at 3233 Sunset Way. This low-bank home is just a short walk away from a beautiful beach, making it perfect for your first or second home. While you can feel the ocean spray, it’s still a very safe place to live.  So you always have quick access to seaside adventures.

At this property, you can view the beauty of nature from the comfort of your home. Herrings and eagles nest in the trees and during the winter, ducks come by. Near the ocean, you could see seals, otters and whales. 

The owner of this property, Larry Brengman, is currently searching for potential buyers. So get in touch with him today to learn more.

Side of House, Oceanfront Property in Bellingham, WA
Oceanfront Property For Sale By Owner $579,000

Learn more about this oceanfront property when you contact Larry Brengman in Bellingham, Washington.

Hours of Operation: Daily, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

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About the Property

Move into the perfect home for your family when you purchase an oceanfront property located at 3233 Sunset Way in Bellingham, Washington. The owner of this property, Larry Brengman, is looking for a family to purchase his home. While there are other waterfront properties in the area, this home has the perfect combination of style and functionality.